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Take your strength and coordination to new heights with Fitness Solutions’ gymnastic rings. Discover a variety of challenging exercises that build core strength, improve tone and conditioning and boost power, including push-ups, dips, pull-ups, muscle-ups and the iron cross. An easy to install design makes rings great for use in the gym or to build a personal strength training setup at home or in the park.

Since gymnastic rings can move in three dimensions, supporting muscles are constantly engaged in this coordination-building workout.

  • Top quality ABS plastic fitness rings
  • Adjustable length 16ft nylon webbing straps with quick-lock buckles
  • Professional strength material supporting up to 550lbs (250kg)
  • Anti-slip grip 
  • External ring diameter: 24cm (9in); internal diameter: 18cm (7.2in)
  • Each set contains two rings and two straps
  • Easy to hang from structural beam or pull-up bar
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